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Regardless of the intentions people have going into the relationship, those intentions needs to be up to discussion and malleable. Envisioning and holding to just one concept of how the relationship can develop can be damaging to all involved and destroy something that otherwise could develop into something incredible.

All this to say I do not believe one should not have certain things they want to get out of the relationship. Of course everyone needs to make sure their needs are being met, but there are limitless possibilities as to how those needs are met. It is good to ask yourself why you need the things you do and get down to the root need which is below the surface.

I believe it is most healthy to allow that person the ability to have a relationship with the couple up to the same level of relationship the couple currently enjoys. The only difference is the history of time spent together. Making sure the third is included at the level they wish is key as well. It helps them feel safe and recognized as part of the relationship.

Excluding them from events, dinners, friend circles, etc. The third can often feel vulnerable, particularly early on.

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They are approaching an existing relationship and often think they are disposable because if things do not work out with the triad, the existing couple will continue. This is unfortunate and can often be not far from the truth. Facts must be addressed, but one thing that seems to help is a lot of support for the third in the early stages. Frequent check ins at least weekly about where everyone is at in the relationship, where they see it going, their feelings, etc.

Regardless of how things develop, realize it is something new to create. Most of this triad dynamic is uncharted territory. Instead of fearing the unknown, embrace the opportunities and create the relationship you all want. Gay Polyamory , Polyamory. There are two types of triads, also. One can be a poly-fidelity type, which is basically a monogamous couple Plus One. Or the other type can be fully poly open type. The weakest of any of those four relationships will set the tone for the whole thing—the lowest common denominator, so to speak. This could be one of the reasons!

This is a good article with good tips that I recommend: I am the third in what i believe is a slowly developing relationship. My husband and I have been together 11 years and are now married and living in Toronto. We have had a few short relationships with other men and while our priority is each other and our marriage, we try to be as inclusive as possible with our partner. Sadly I think another commenter got it quite right when staring how much more complex the relationship becomes when a third person is involved.

Two people can navigate a relationship but adding a third multiplies even simple issues.

My thoughts/adventures in polyamory and life.

And I am not even sure I know where to look anymore. Any recommendations for dating sites or groups? Thanks for sharing! I like OKCupid as a dating site as it seems more focused on the relationship vs. You can also search locally for poly groups to see if there are any social events in the area.

OKCupid is generally considered the most poly-friendly of the mainstream dating sites out there. Since there is a difference. I really appreciate you sharing your story of being in a polyamorous relationship. In our hetero-normative society I am beginning to find it difficult to get respectable perspectives that offer insight into a socially taboo lifestyle such as polyamory. I really appreciate your article on communication. I always say communication is key to a healthy relationship, yet communication is what I struggle with the most.

He lives in another city with his long-term partner. I guess I would be considered the secondary relationship.

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This type of relationship is a whole new concept for me. But my partner is working on that with me. I think things are going to work out and get much better. Thank you so much. I look forward to reading more of your articles.