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This same fibrin a normal element found in blood also crosses the blood-brain barrier as people age due mainly to the degradation of the barrier. Fibrin that gets in the brain causes the formation of beta amyloid, a protein that accumulates and chokes out existing brain cells, and eventually leads to neuro-degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

My research into Peyronie's disease and its treatment is useful in penis enlargement, as they share a common goal: Nattokinase is an enzyme that is known to dissolve fibrin over time, and an internet search for nattokinase finds applications for the treatment of Alzheimer's by dissolving fibrin in the brain. This is when a bell rang in my head: More importantly, can treating a bent penis with fibrin-destroyinhg enzymes be much more beneficial than just a straight dick?

Of course, this blog is supposed to focus on escorting, but when I have many clients who are aging before my eyes, it is in everyone's best interest to ensure everyone is as healthy as they can. Even if a client does nothing with the information I provide, the information is valuable to family and friends, as well as for myself as I get older. Since everything is connected someway, it is worth the hours of research and study.

Thank you for reading, until next time! Thursday, April 26, Review by Victor Hoff. Please take a look if you haven't already! In a normal, healthy man, with proper hormone levels, sexual desire is like the immune system: I don't mean that we constantly have spontaneous erections like when we were teenagers, I mean that sexual thoughts, fantasies, and the like float through our heads as an internal indicator that testosterone levels are fine.

Of course, this does not mean you have to be obsessed with sex to have normal testosterone. But long periods with no libido, especially when depression, lack of energy, tiredness and weight gain or weight loss, can indicate lowered testosterone levels. These symptoms are part of andropause, when factors in the body contribute to the reduction of androgens that stimulate androgen receptors.

It usually starts during middle-age, and affects men in different ways. This is where andopause men divide: Some guys prefer to age gracefully and let nature take its course, including the eventual deterioration of their bodily functions. Lack of desire to ameliorate their condition can also indicate that andropause has progressed too far, as feelings of hopelessness and lethargy have sunk in for too long.

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This can be amplified by loneliness. As an escort, many clients are in this phase of health decline. Because information is not readily available, and definitely not taught in schools, guys are not educated on their transition from middle-age to seniors. As I speak about this with my clients, they are actually wondering why they are not hearing this information from their doctors.

Unfortunately, many doctors are not up-to-date with current research and protocols, as well as being elderly and out-of-shape themselves. The maintenance of a healthy libido affects directly the livelihood of sex-workers, in both personal and professional areas. A high sex-drive is necessary for escorts, and for clients as well. Losing clients every year because of andropause is something that can be prevented by educating the affected men of alternative treatments available. While this post is more about the awareness of andropause, perhaps the treatments and research should be a topic of a future post.


Thank you for reading, and keep in touch! Posted by Ronielle at 5: I will the first to admit that the hardest thing for me as an escort is maintaining a trouble-free erection for a long time, which is expected as a sex worker. But on the other side, I believe that it is also a cause for worry for some clients as well, especially guys with medical problems, andropause or just plain anxiety.

In any case, the use of erectile dysfunction ED for short drugs is not a sign of weakness, but instead is a way of empowerment for guys to ensure that they have a good time sexually, which is a much better feeling than beating yourself up for not getting hard.

Of course, the old school mentality is that a man must be strong and have erections on demand, but every man knows that that is simply not true in reality. Now, guys at any age can have a fulfilling sexual life for their entire lives if they choose to. But sadly, patients are still rather uncomfortable asking for a prescription from their doctors. To overcome this problem, many internet sites are selling ED drugs as research chemicals, with no prescription needed.

So for those willing to try and I can say from experience that of all the ED research chemicals I have bought from these sites were effective , then this is another route to go to bypass the doctor.

If you have health issues or already taking medication, consult a pharmacist to make sure that what you are planning on taking is not counter-indicated with your current medical history. You are responsible for your own risks, which are present with prescription drugs and research chemicals. I do not claim responsibility on the actions of others.

I can only speak of my own experiences and for those who wish to follow, do so on there own volition. That said, using erectile drugs is also popular for those who have no erectile difficulty at all, because the extra blood flow to the penis usually results in the maximization of erection size. Guys have a minimum erection size and a maximum, often times with a great deal of variations in-between.

Erections on ED meds also last longer after orgasm, and can also intensify orgasmic potential. Personal experimentation shows how well you react to a certain dose of a certain chemical, and can help maximize sexual satisfaction with a partner. Of course, not everyone should take ED medication, even if they could. I recommend it for guys who like to penetrate, and like receiving oral. Basically for 'Erection Critical Missions'.

I hope you know what I mean! Thanks for being patient with my posts, I appreciate all the messages of encouragement during my silence on this blog. Sincerely, Ronielle.

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Wednesday, March 7, New Goals for Back from the dead, I suppose! I actually have written a few posts since my last published one in mid-December, but have decided that the tone and topic were not appropriate and could somewhat negatively affect the status quo.

But the reality is, I am consumed in my work and research in penis enlargement for my other blogs on chempe. I intend to maintain my regular clients at their current rates, because without them I would never have been able to succeed in my new career. Sentimental, yes. But mostly because my time working on my projects is very important to me and increasing rates is a sure way to make more time available for it. Even without an active advertising in the local magazine, I am still getting calls for escorting. Answering the phone is my least favorite aspect of the job, as there are many wackos out there basically wasting my time trying to get free phone sex.

There is only so much diplomacy I can dish out, but the truth is I don't have time for playing games. That's why I prefer my regulars. After a month of so of not escorting, I actually started to miss it. Some of my friends who are former escorts usually say that they don't miss it except for the money maybe because they currently make less than when they escorted , but for me I missed my clients and their stories.

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It's like dating, or more like seeing friends with benefits. Every relationship seems so simple and clear cut; pure and self-contained. With no emotional ties, obligations and long-term expectations, fun and pleasure is the cream that surfaces. It would be just too easy to make a cream joke right about now Creating new penis devices and conducting biomedical experiments are cerebrally stimulating, while escorting fulfills the purpose of such pursuits: We're in March now, and slowly but surely an equilibrium is manifesting: Anyways, sorry to my regular readers that you had to wait so long for this post.

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Let me know I get a lot of appointments where the guy doesn't show up. This is normal, and most common with those I haven't seen before. Because of this, all new clients will be reminded to confirm the appointment by phone 1 hour in advance. If I don't get this confirmation call, I make new plans. Life is too short to be waiting for someone who doesn't plan on showing up.